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Bench Geeks is a marketplace that connects clients with bench IT resources. Clients can browse through our curated pool of pre-qualified professionals from various IT companies. Once they find a suitable resource, they can engage with them for their projects. We facilitate the connection and provide support throughout the hiring process.
The hiring process for developers typically ranges from 2 to 10 days. By providing a clear job description and ensuring quick interview turnaround times, you can significantly reduce the duration of the process.
To ensure the highest quality of talent, we meticulously validate all data points from multiple sources through a manual verification process.
To facilitate the process of adding or removing developers, we provide each company with a dedicated account manager. Please feel free to contact your assigned account manager to make any necessary changes to your developer lineup according to your requirements.
We have recently expanded our operations to include major metropolitan cities in India and other global locations. To determine the feasibility of obtaining developers at a specific location, please consult our admin team.
Our bench IT resources are talented professionals who are currently on the bench of their respective IT companies. These individuals have been screened and vetted by their IT company owners, ensuring their expertise and suitability for various projects.
Our bench resources are versatile and can be hired for a wide range of IT projects. Whether you need assistance with software development, system administration, database management, cyber security, or any other IT-related task, you can find the right resource on our platform.
There is no cost until you hire—find the right talent, agree on rates, and only pay for the duration you need. Our platform operates on a commission-based model, where we earn a fee from IT companies when a successful engagement is made. You can focus on finding the right resources without any upfront costs.
At Bench Geeks, we provide dedicated support throughout the hiring process. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We facilitate the initial connection, help with negotiations, and ensure a smooth transition for both clients and bench resources

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